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Sapphire Foods India Ltd. -

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Shortlisted nominee in category of "Social Impact Creator Award"

About Sapphire Foods India Ltd.

We at Sapphire Foods India Ltd, have taken a step towards reducing the disposal of waste water (post purification through RO system) by collecting in a dedicated water tank and using only for washouts and at washroom flush. With this we ensure there is no cross contamination of greater PH content water with neither food/consumables nor direct contact to skin. With this initiative we are re-using around 3500- 4000 Liters per store per day on an avg.
With more introspection and paving ways to save water, we worked on reducing the waste water disposal at the RO plant. We have executed this pilot project which is currently under observation.

*The above data is only on 1 store (for understanding). This is a standard practice followed at more than 250 stores pan india.