Greenpreneur 2023 Nominee

Ratna Kalluri -

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Shortlisted nominee in category of "Green Interior/Exterior Award"

About Ratna Kalluri

Ratna Kalluri is the founder and creative director of RAD Studio, which she founded in the year 2010. Her forte lies in putting together the contrasting elements of design – line, shape, space, value, colour and texture, and balancing them beautifully in making them speak for themselves. She has worked on a variety of projects across residential, commercial and retail spaces over the years.
Born and bread in Hyderabad and studied in Hyderabad.. she loves to be called a ‘Hyderabadi’. A Gold-medalist in Literature, she started her career in her late thirties and got trained with some of the design experts in this industry in Hyderabad. She is a strong believer of ‘Attitude of Gratitude’, which kept her grounded and also made her a better human being.

Ratna Kalluri strives to develop interior spaces with an underlying principle of sustainable living that survives the passage of design trends in today’s world. She says, “Successful design is a blend of interior elements and architectural detail that reflect your personality and enhance your lifestyle”. She is committed to coordinating the design efforts with an organized and well managed project that consistently exceed clients’ expectations and come in on budget.