Greenpreneur 2023 Nominee

Pratik Ghoda Speaker - Greenpreneur Convention & Awards 2022

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Shortlisted nominee in category of "Greenpreneur Award - Organic Agriculture"

About Bee Base Pvt. Ltd.

– Bee Base is an organisation incorporated in Aug-2020 with a view to contribute towards healthy food and Agriculture crop increase by pollination
– By doing so we are working towards the national goal.of doubling the farmer’s income
– Our start up has already recongnised as eco-friendly because we don’t generat any liquid, solid or gracious waste
– 100% carbon footprint free start up as no usage of electricity or gas
– we rather contribute to more green farms and maintenance of ecological balance
– we are winner of 2 national award, 1 international awar, finalists in National Start up award 2021 where privileged to meet resp PM shri Modi sir and Hon minister sh Piyush Goyal