Greenpreneur 2023 Nominee

Dushyant Parikh -

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Shortlisted nominee in category of "Green Innovation Award"

About Creative Artisans Pvt. Ltd.

An establishment built on the values of ensuring exclusivity to fashion designers and empowering rural artisans led to the birth of The Creative Artisans Private Limited. Dushyant Parikh who is Founder and CEO of The Creative Artisans by HG group, has taken social responsibility to empower rural artisans and give them better living for themselves.

Creating a blend of different fabrics and highly skilled artisans is his unique strength which has brought value to fashion brands. Producing a unique synergy of supplying raw material that is GOTS certified organic cotton to artisans as well as technical inputs resulted in unique fabrics like GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Ikat, Hand Painted Fabric.