Greenpreneur 2023 Nominee

Balbir Bora -

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Shortlisted nominee in category of "Greenpreneur Mentor Award"

About Vincular Testing Labs India Private Limited

Mr. Balbir Bora comes with over 25 years of global exposure working with IT management and product compliance. Of this, he has spent sixteen years working in the field of regulatory & product compliance. He has been associated with IT projects in a medium to large enterprises that included IT procurement and vendor management.

He is the founder and CEO of VINCULAR TESTING LABS INDIA PVT. LTD, a registered Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The organization has been working in the field of e-waste management compliance for a very long time since its inspection. It assists partner brands/manufacturers/importers to follow all the rules and regulations as defined by the Government of India. VINCUAR supports its partner brands in procuring the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) authorization, regulated by the CPCB, and also helps them in fulfilling their e-waste EPR target with proper recycling and dismantling in an environmentally safe and sound manner. As a responsible organization, VINCUAR also conducts awareness activities once every quarter at different locations to make locals aware of E-Waste, Plastic Waste, and Battery Waste, and their hazardous effects, as well as the proper way of their disposal. The prime focus is to spread awareness among the local people about the toxic effects of e-waste and plastic waste on the earth’s air, soil, water, and ultimately human health.